AMD and Industry Partners to Develop New Blockchain-based Gaming Platforms

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AMD joins Blockchain Game Alliance, and partners with Robot Cache and ULTRA to promote the development and proliferation of blockchain-based PC gaming.

AMD) today announced that it has joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) and forged partnerships with leading technology providers to help promote the development and proliferation of new blockchain-powered gaming platforms.

The Blockchain Game Alliance is committed to driving awareness and adoption of blockchain technologies within the game industry, providing an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge and collaborate, create common standards, establish best practices, and network. As the first major hardware manufacturer to join the BGA, AMD plans to enable alliance members with efficient and high-performance computing technologies for next-generation blockchain-based gaming platforms that could potentially transform the way games are created, published, purchased and played.

AMD also announced partnerships with leading blockchain technology providers, Robot Cache, which launched their online gaming marketplace in June, and ULTRA, which plans to launch its online gaming marketplace in the coming months. Designed to provide optimal cryptographic compute performance with AMD Ryzen™ processors and AMD Radeon™ graphics cards, these marketplaces will provide gamers with new opportunities to buy, sell and share digital video games, as well as offer efficient, new distribution channels for publishers. In addition, Robot Cache will use secure, high-performance AMD EPYC™ processors in the back-end servers powering its platform, and ULTRA will use AMD EPYC™ processors for its blockchain to facilitate block producing.

“Blockchain technology brings broader choice, security and flexibility to both gamers and publishers,” said Joerg Roskowetz, Head of Blockchain Technology, AMD. “Next-generation blockchain game platforms will give gamers access to exclusive online content, and provide new ways for them to truly own it. They will also provide game publishers with new channels to distribute digital game content.”

“The Blockchain Game Alliance is gathering some of the world’s top blockchain innovators and content developers to bring players the best of what this technology has to offer,” said Nicolas Pouard, Blockchain Initiative Director at Ubisoft. “We’re delighted to work with AMD, and other alliance members to determine the role of blockchain in the entertainment experiences of the future.” 

Leading the Blockchain Gaming Charge

Providing incredible compute performance and security for peer-to-peer transactions, AMD is helping to enable the next generation of blockchain-based gaming platforms via:

  • Blockchain Innovation – AMD is at the forefront of the blockchain evolution, providing the underlying compute technology to enable a broad range of new blockchain-powered applications, services and use cases spanning industries ranging from gaming and cloud computing to the Internet of Things, healthcare, and others.
  • Efficient, High-performance CPUs and GPUs – AMD is in a unique position to offer the best combination of high-performance CPUs and GPUs for demanding blockchain workloads.
  • Robust Security – Designed to address today’s increasingly complex and sophisticated security threats, AMD Secure Technology puts protection right on the processor providing an additional layer of robust security.

Supporting Resources

  • Find more information on the Blockchain Game Allianceere

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