AMD adds Netflix 4K support to RX 5700 video cards

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It kind of went unnoticed with the latest Radeon driver release from AMD, but Netflix 4K support has been added towards RX 5700 as this driver update brings support for supports Microsoft PlayReady 3.0, and that is the DRM protection suite required for Netflix in 4k.

A large number of other requirements still have to be met, as our colleagues from hwi notice.  There are certain conditions needed to be able to play 4k-Netflix (in an effort to not grab frame by frame and copy the content. Of course, you'll also need a Premium subscription, a 4k monitor and internet faster than 25 Mbit/s. Then your display and graphics card need to support HDCP 2.2 - which is included in HDMI and display port 1.3 or higher. and then you need a GPU with at least 3 GB VRAM. Netflix can then be viewed in 4k resolution in the Edge browser or the Netflix app.

Netflix subscription Premium
Internet speed 25 Mbps or more
Operating system Windows 10 Anniversary Update or newer
Software Microsoft Edge browser or Windows 10 app
Video decoder 10-bit HEVC decoder (h265)
Screen Ultra HD with HDCP 2.2 support
Video card (U) HD 620 Graphics or faster GTX 1050 or faster, at least 3GB of memory RX470 / 480/570/580



AMD adds Netflix 4K support to RX 5700 video cards

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