AMD A-series and 32nm Athlon II X4

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The lads at CPU World published a table with the specifications of AMD's new 32nm A-series and Athlon II X4 chips.

Earlier this month, we reported on pre-order prices of several forthcoming AMD A-series and Athlon II X4 microprocessors, built on new 32nm Llano core. Based on these prices, we projected that the A6-3600 and A8-3800 APUs will cost the same as A6-3650 and A8-3850 models, or very close to them. We also estimated $90 - $100 price for triple-core A6-3500, and $80 - $90 range for the Athlon II X4 631. AMD today added these processors to official pricelist, and the prices are slightly better than we estimated. AMD also listed all CPUs on AMD processor products pages.

Meanwhile motherboard makers told DigiTimes that AMD's latest Llano-based processors which could be a result of worse than expected 32nm process yields. The shortage is expected to be resolved by early September.

Due to the new platform's strong performance/price ratio, market demand for Llano APUs is rising gradually with sales of the compatible A75-based motherboards also expected to increase, the sources noted. However, because the supply of Llano APUs in July started turn tight because of weak 32nm yields, AMD currently has a lot of orders from the retail channel, but is unable to fulfill the shipments.

With AMD set to resolve its APU shortages in early September, many motherboard makers are already starting to increase their A75-based motherboard shipments.

In addition to the existing Llano CPUs, A8-3850 and A6-3650, AMD will launch three more 65W APUs, A8-3800, A6-3600 and A6-3500 at the end of the third quarter.

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