AMD 2012 Notebook APU Code Names and Positioning

AMD will continue to expand its portfolio of mobile Fusion products in 2012 by launching no less than five new dual-core and quad-core chip designs, covering different segments of the market and featuring TDPs ranging from 8W to 60W.

AMD has split its 2012 family of accelerated processing units into four distinct categories depending on their performance and power consumption. The most powerful of these solutions will be based on the Trinity APU and target the performance market.

These will continue from where the AMD A8-35xx chips have left off and include a high-performance graphics core based most probably on the VLIW4 architecture, introduced by AMD in its Cayman desktop GPU (Radeon HD 6900), which is going to be paired with quad processing cores.

The three Trinity chips that AMD plans to introduce will have TDPs ranging from 35W to 60W. In the mainstream and borderline performance sector, AMD will use chips based on the Weatherford and Richland designs, which are also derived from the Trinity architecture, but sport weaker graphics. These will include four and respectively two processing cores, while TDPs are rated at either 35W or 45W.
Moving into the two latter performance sectors, which target essential and under 12-inch notebooks, AMD will drop the Trinity architecture and instead go with an enhanced version of the Bobcat cores used in today's C and E-Series APUs.

These will be paired together with improved graphics cores to form the Wichita and Krishna APUs, which will have TDPs of 20W and respectively 8W. No information regarding the release date of any of these accelerated processing units has been made public, but AMD is expected to follow a similar path with that of this year's APU launches.

What this means is that Wichita and Krishna will most probably be launched during the first quarter of 2012, while the Trinity-based APUs will arrive in the second half of the year. (via Donanim Haber / via Soft-Pedia).

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