Alphacool releases NexXxos ST30 series all copper radiator with quick release plug

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Alphacool GmbH announced their new all-copper radiator NexXxos ST30 series with quick release plugs. Initially, three models will be released..

The Radiator for DIY water cooling system uses copper not only for fins and threads but also for the chamber. The lineup is available in three types: 240mm, 280mm and 360mm. In addition to adopting a copper material that has higher heat dissipation than aluminum, the chamber structure with a high flow rate design and the fin design optimized for low to medium speed fans can demonstrate high cooling performance without compromising quietness.

Alphacool's original quick-release plug is used for connection of your loop. Although it is a DIY water cooling system, it can be easily handled like an all-in-one water cooling unit. The side panel is steel, the tube length is 320 mm, the mounting screw size is M3, and the pressure resistance is 1.5 bar. The radiator size is 240mm width, 278mm depth, 30mm height, 280mm model is 144mm, 313.5mm depth, 30mm height, 360mm model is 124mm width, 400mm depth and 30mm height.

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