All MSI Z390 Motherboards ready for DDR4 32 GB Memory DIMMs

MSI is proud to announce the great achievement as the first motherboard vendor supporting the latest JEDEC standard memory with Z390 motherboards. The latest JEDEC standard 2048x8 DDR4 memory can achieve up to 32GB capacity in one single DIMM, which is different from not some other rare DIMM in special pin define for dedicate models.

All the MSI Z390 motherboards with the latest BIOS just passed the strict memory test and that means you can set up an incredible 128GB DDR4 memory in your gaming rig with all the MSI Z390 4-DIMMs motherboards.

Not only the memory capacity, the MSI Z390 series motherboards also feature exclusive DDR4 Boost and dragon alliance with optimized layout design and a fully isolated memory circuitry ensures perfect stability and performance.

MSI Z390 motherboards separate three gaming segments and the PRO series to meet the different demand for OCers, gamers, content creators, and professionals. Now users can make the perfect choice from the MEG, MPG, MAG or PRO series more easily.

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