All-in-one water cooling for GPU with 240mm radiator from ID-COOLING

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She ain't pretty though. ID-COOLING announced the all-in-one water cooling unit "ICE FLOW 240 VGA ARGB" for graphics cards. The unit applies 240mm radiator based cooling.

An all-in-one water cooling unit for graphics cards that uses a 240mm radiator. Compatible graphics cards are GeForce RTX 20 series, GeForce GTX 7/9/10/16 series, Radeon RX 5700/590/580 series, Radeon Vega 56/64 series, not compatible with GeForce RTX 30 series.

The water block that cools the GPU core can be moved horizontally so that it can be fine-tuned by the card. In addition, a fan with a diameter of 92 mm is mounted on the graphics card cover so that the memory and power supply circuit can be cooled. In addition, various fans and graphics card covers are equipped with an illumination function using addressable RGB LEDs. The product also comes with a small ARGB controller that allows you to change colors and illuminations.

Radiator fan speed 900-2,000rpm ± 10%, air volume 56.5CFM, noise level 16-31.5dBA, cover fan speed 800-2,500rpm ± 10%, air volume 44.3CFM, noise level 14-33.4dBA, pump The rotation speed of the unit is 6,500 rpm ± 10%, the flow rate is 240 L / hr, the static pressure is 1.8 mmH2O, and the noise level is 24 dBA or less.

All-in-one water cooling for GPU with 240mm radiator from ID-COOLING

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