Aleratec HDD Duplicator and Dock

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Hmm ..  seems handy. Aleratec announced an essential and portable tool for building and upgrading computer systems. The 1:3 HDD Copy Dock Duplicator is a powerful and versatile hard disk drive duplicator and HDD docking station that features PC connectivity via USB 3.0 or eSATA.

With this HDD duplicator and hard drive dock, users can copy from a single source hard drive to up to three target hard drives at one time, making hard disk duplication more efficient.

As a docking station, the 1:3 HDD Copy Dock Duplicator can be connected to a PC with an included SuperSpeed USB 3.0 or included eSATA cable. This connection allows users instant access to the contents of up to four connected hard disk drives at a time. Users can add additional storage to an existing computer or just manage their drives with greater ease.

Since it is standalone, there is no need to tie up a computer running complicated duplication software. An LCD screen and simple controls make this duplicator easy to manage. It creates perfect clones and backup drives, and the fast sector-by-sector copy process includes partition and boot sector information.

The docking bays can be controlled by individual power buttons and users can quickly and easily mount or dismount drives from the quick-connect disk drive bays.

The 1:3 HDD Copy Dock Duplicator copies or docks 2.5

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