Alder Lake DDR5 Performance Benchmarks Leaks As Well

DDR5 memory speed and performance on Intel's Alder Lake architecture is revealed on a Chinese forum and afterward confirmed on Twitter by users of that Alder Lake architecture. 

The benchmarks were probably obtained from an engineering sample of Dell hardware and show a memory clock speed of 3200MHz with a read and write speed of around 90GB/s. The cas timings and latency are still quite high, namely 40-40-40 and 92.5 ns respectively. 

40-40-40-85 DDR5 module timings are employed; the memory latency is a staggeringly low 92.5 ns despite the usage of these timings. CPU-Z scores for the single core of the Core i5 12600K (the CPU utilized for the test) are 785.6 on the single core. At the moment, DDR5 doesn't look massively intriguing. Once memory module manufacturers gain some DDR5 experience, we expect to see a significant improvement in the quality of memory modules on the market.

This appears to be a reasonably okay result for such an early stage. Breaking the barrier of 100GB/s on dual-channel devices is going to be a quite easy. We will probably know more in November, because then Intel will reportedly announce the new Alder Lake series of CPUs.

Alder Lake DDR5 Performance Benchmarks Leaks As Well

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