Aerox 3 and Aerox 3 Wireless 2022 Editions are now available from SteelSeries.

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The 2022 editions of the Aerox mouse are engineered for lightest performance and tuned for the fastest swipes, and they contain 100 percent virgin grade PTFE glide skates, allowing gamers to get a jump on the competitors reaching the trigger first.

SteelSeries today unveiled new versions of its Aerox 3 Wireless and Aerox 3 gaming mouse, as well as a new Snow colorway for both models. When it comes to milliseconds, time is of the essence.  SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless (2022 Edition) - When less is more. Boasting 200-hours of continuous wireless gameplay in either 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth modes, and tipping the scales at a mere 68 g, the ultra-light Aerox 3 Wireless mouse is designed to provide gamers with lightning-fast, untethered performance. Next-gen Golden Micro IP54 Switches provide flawless clicks and Quantum 2.0 Dual Wireless delivers a stable, reliable signal. For pinpoint accuracy, the TrueMove Air optical sensor ensures pixel-perfect tracking, while the silky smooth 100% Virgin Grade PTFE glide skates provide gamers with enhanced control and velocity. Adding a water-resistant AquaBarrier that provides IP54 rated safety, 3-zone RGB lighting, and a USB-C cable for fast charging and customization completes the package for an award-winning mouse that has been purposefully built for unbridled speed.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 (2022 Edition) - Lightweight = fast. Weighing in at an ultra-light 59 g, the Aerox 3 is specifically designed for speed and effortless gameplay. Silky smooth 100% virgin grade PTFE glide skates deliver enhanced control and velocity, while the USB-C soft super mesh cable provides less drag. Underneath the hood, the Aerox 3 utilizes next-gen Golden Micro IP54 Switches, rated for 80M clicks (3X the durability found in other gaming mice), a TrueMove Core optical gaming sensor, and is highlighted by 3-zone RGB lighting. The unique Aerox silhouette is equipped with an IP54 water-resistant AquaBarrier - the first gaming mouse to receive an IP54 rating - providing peace of mind from spills and accidents.

Availability & Pricing

The SteelSeries 2022 Editions of the Aerox 3 and Aerox 3 Wireless are now available in Snow or Onyx colors for the following MSRPs:

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