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Windows 11 has been with us for several days, bringing more news and improvements over previous versions of Windows. After about half a decade, Microsoft has brought a new look to the interface, new ways of multitasking, but also communication. It also boasts better system optimization, which in turn adds to the performance of the device, which is especially appreciated by gamers. If you have Windows 10, you will be prompted to update, or you can update your computer manually. If for some reason you don't like the new Windows 11, you can still go back to the original Windows 10. 

But what can you do if you don't have Windows 10? Well, there are only two ways to get a new Windows 11. The first is to buy a new device with a pre-installed version of Windows 11, or get Windows 10 that allows you to upgrade your system to a newer version. Especially for those who use older versions of Windows and would like to update their device, we pay attention to the offer of the e-shop, which offers license keys for software from Microsoft for literally a few pennies. With a vision to offer the best possible price, the store has prepared an offer for those interested in a new Windows, which is hard to reject. Judge for yourself!

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