Addlink S95 series Gets NVMe 1.4 compatibility and Breaches 7 GB/sec (Update)

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Addlink since last week is showing an S95 series M.2 SSD on their website. The interesting part about it is that it is NVMe 1.4 compatibility. Currently all NVMe SSDs you use are based on v1.3.

The High-end M.2 SSD is compatible with PCI-Express 4.0 (x4) / NVMe 1.4, the lineup holds two models with capacities of 1TB and 2TB. NVMe 1.4 introduced several new and improved features. For example, the improved specification defined a PCIe persistent memory region where contents persist across power cycles. NVMe 1.4 refreshed existing features, such as enhancing the host memory buffer and enabling write streams to be shared across multiple hosts. NAND flash is 3D TLC, cache DRAM is DDR4-2666, 2TB model has sequential read 7,100MB / sec, write 6,800MB / sec, 1TB model has sequential read 7,000MB/sec, write 5,000MB/sec. It also has flash management functions such as "Advanced Wear Leveling", "Bad Block Management" and "Over-Provision", and protection functions such as "End to end data path protection", "Thermal throttling" and "Smart ECC".

The main size is 22 mm in width, 80 mm in depth, 3.5 mm in height (2.15 mm for 1 TB), and weighs 8.2 g. MTBF is 1.8 million hours and the product warranty is 5 years.

Update: the product is available now, the final specs for this unit are: PCI-Express4.0 (x4) TLC NAND, DRAM cache is DDR4-2666. The 2TB model is rated at sequential read 7,100MB/sec, write 6,800MB/sec, random read 650,000 IOPS, write 700,000 IOPS, 1TB model is sequential read 7,000MB/sec, write 5,000MB / sec, random read 650,000 IOPS, write 700,000 IOPS.

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