ADATA Talks M.3 with IM3P33EC SSD

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So we're all used to M2 SSDs right? Well, ADATA just sends out a press release stating they'll be talking about new tech at the Flash memory Summit 2018, and one of the topics M.3 Next Generation Small Form Factor (NGSFF) SSDs.

It is not the first time we've heard of M.3. as Samsung mentioned this new form factor at one point as well. Basically, M.2 is a form factor that is not working well for the enterprise market, as it is too small. M.3 would be bigger, wider actually. Up-to 30.5mm vs 22mm in width and that offers manufacturers additional surface area place components onto. So yes, they can create bigger storage units on m.3 with more NAND, but also this offers them more options in terms of power failure capacitors or even something as simple as a larger controller. M.3 would still use NVME 1.3 over a PCIe 3.0 connection connected to x4 /x8 or x16.

M.3 Next Generation Small Form Factor SSD
ADATA is also unveiling its new M.3 NGSFF industrial-grade SSD, the IM3P33EC, at the summit. With support for NVMe 1.3 and PCIe Gen3x8 interface, the IM3P33EC provides stunning read/write speeds of up to 3,200/1,700MB per second. It also features hot-plug functionality, power loss protection, AES 256-bit encryption, and end-to-end data protection, which are essential capabilities for servers, data centers, big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

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