Acer Flicker Free Backlight Focus

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Acer have is advancing on user comfort and reduce eye-related issues. This includes models with low blue light modes ('Blue Light Filter'), low dimming capability, 'Eye Protect' preset modes and most important some models now feature flicker-free backlights as well now. 

As tft-central reports;

In their 4k (3840 x 2160) resolution line up their S7 and XB models will feature flicker-less backlights. The new S277HK is a 27" IPS technology model with 4k resolution and the World's First zero-frame design for this panel type. We brought you some further information about Acer's new frameless screens back in September. Then there is also the new XB280HK - a 28" 4k resolution gaming monitor with G-sync, the World's first 4k G-sync model in fact. This supports 60Hz max refresh rate, but does offer a 1ms G2G response time TN Film panel which we discussed first back in June.

In their QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution line-up, the premium end H7 and more mainstream G7 series feature flicker-less backlights now as well. This includes the H257HU, G247HYU, G257HU  and G277HU models. Their 'essential line' K272HULA and K272HULB also offer this new flicker-less backlight.

Then in their gaming line up their XB series with sizes from 24 - 28" (XB280HK, XB270H, XB270HA, XB270HU, XB240H, XB240HA) will be flicker-less, as will their 27" XG270HU and 24" GN246HLB models. Some of those XB series screens include G-sync support as well. 

Source: TFT Central

Acer Flicker Free Backlight Focus

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