Acer announces Predator X25 monitor with 360Hz refresh rate

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Is it just me or has the race for the fastest display Hz goner completely out of control? I mean 360 Hz, how much sense does that make really? Anyhooo, Acer announced its new Predator X25 monitor , which boasts the incredible 360Hz refresh rate.

The monitor will be 1920x1080 at 24.5 inches and is Nvidia G-Sync compatible. The dsiplay has some extras like AdaptiveLight and LightSense. The screen can change its brightness based on how bright the room is. Acer didn't provide much more information about the Predator X25, but it did say it will allow tilt (25 degrees back, 5 degrees forward), pan ( 30 degrees ), and a 4.7-inch height adjustment.

We will keep you informed as more information comes out.

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