New Nvidia GeForce Titan X is coming very soon - a collector's edition

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Nvidia on its twittter page posted a video, teasing a new Collector's Edition Titan X. The video is meant as a viral to create some momentum of the new card.

Little to nothing is known about the card really. It could be a new Titan X based on Pascal GP102. The video does clearly show written Titan X. I know you guys want to mention Volta here, but IMHO it is just too soon for that.

The teaser shows the text "It's coming...a Collector's Edition". I made some still screenshots from the video (see below), these show a new looking style cooler, and from what it seems, some RGB elements as you can spot both green and red colors over the radiator strips. This could be a simple revamped X (Pascal) with faster memory, there are also some rumors out there that GDDR6 would make an introduction, but here again, that would not make sense for a Pascal-based Titan X. Time will tell, have a peek at what seems to be coming in the Xmas season.

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