(Updated) 6-Core Intel processors going mainstream in 2018 with Coffee Lake

As AMDs processors close in with some Zen slowly yet steadily we see some movement at Intel as well. For ages now 4-core processors have been the norm in the mainstream desktop segment, it seems that 6-core Intel processors are finally becoming mainstream in 2018.

This news-item (from July 2016) has been updated with new screenshots.

In it's yearly Form 10-K document about Intel's financials the company now really makes note of a three-step cycle. So after a new procedure (die shrink), there will be a new architecture followed by an upgrade of that architecture. This way Intel can release a new processor each year. However it now seems there will even be a 4th step.

Basically following Kaby Lake to release there will be a fourth generation processor series fabbed on the 14nm production process called Coffee Lake. It is interesting as at that same time the mobile/laptop Cannon Lake processors have already moved to 10 nm. It does make sense as Intel over a year ago announced to abandon its tick-tock model, which alternately introduced a new architecture and a new production process. Basically Intel will use whatever fab process works out the best for them practially and economically aimed at a certain target area.

Coffee Lake CPUs will get two, four or six cores and will get a GT3e, an on-board GPU with dedicated video memory. The processors are rated at a 35 Watt to 45 Watt TDP range.


MicroarchitectureCPU seriesTick or TockCycleFab nodeYear Released
Presler/Cedar Mill Pentium 4 / D Tick   65 nm 2006
Conroe/Merom Core 2 Duo/Quad Tock   65 nm 2006
Penryn Core 2 Duo/Quad Tick   45 nm 2007
Nehalem Core i Tock   45 nm 2008
Westmere Core i Tick   32 nm 2010
Sandy Bridge Core i 2xxx Tock   32 nm 2011
Ivy Bridge Core i 3xxx Tick   22 nm 2012
Haswell Core i 4xxx Tock   22 nm 2013
Broadwell Core i 5xxx Tick Process 14 nm 2014 & 2015 for desktops
Skylake Core i 6xxx Tock Architecture 14 nm 2016
Kaby lake  Core i 7xxx Tock Optimization 14 nm 2017
Coffee Lake Core i 7xxx Tock Optimization 10 nm 2018
Cannonlake Core i 8xxx? Tick Process 10 nm 2018
Icelake Core i 8xxx? Tock Architecture 10 nm 2019
Tiger Lake Core i 9xxx? Tock Optimization 10 nm 2020
tba tba Tick Process 7 nm 2020

The new road-map that was spotted at PC Watch also shows the first Cannon Lake processors scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2017. This involves the U and Y models, for laptops and 2-in-1's. 

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