55 USD AMD Athlon Pro 200GE Shows Up in Slides

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A set of AMD slides has leaked yesterday, on it you can spot the AMD Athlon Pro 200GE, which is interesting as it would be a value proc competing with Intel's Celeron series. 

The leak originated from PCEva show a 14 nm "Raven Ridge" die that has been further locked down. The Athlon 200GE will actually have integrated graphics, it's only 3 out of 11 Vega Shader units, bringing that number towards 192 stream processors. Which is fine for desktop usage really. The Athlon Pro 200GE is a dual-core part with SMP enabled, so it has four threads active and has a 512 KB L2 cache per core, and 4 MB shared L3 cache. The base clock is 3.20 GHz. The primary limitation is PCI-Express 3.0 at x4 for graphics. The Athlon Pro 200GE will be priced at USD $55 and is expected to launch in the upcoming weeks.

Sources: PCEvaHD-Technologica and VideoCardz

55 USD AMD Athlon Pro 200GE Shows Up in Slides

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