55% of gamers own an Nvidia GPU and 27% of them have an RTX model says JPR

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Analyst JPR has shared some insights of the video card market. JPR deems 55% of gamers own an Nvidia AIB card of which 27% are RTX. The results, however, are based on an extremely small subset of results based on a survey from wccftech, JPR has published and based these findings on 4.447 people who answered a survey.

The 4,447 people responded to a survey of 26 questions in October of last year. That resulted in in-to 143,264 conclusions as they mixed in demographic data from that one website. 41% of consumers own an AMD processor. The result set shows 55% of the end-users a Nvidia card. Of these, 61% have a pre-Turing model installed, and 27% have an RTX card. The remaining 12% uses a GTX 16 series GPU.

Other questions included whether the respondents were planning to renew their graphics card and processor, which manufacturer they trusted the most for their custom card, how much they are willing to spend on a product, remain unanswered. This 'survey and analysis' is a paid report, the market analyst does not release or shares any more answers (this is the model they base their business on).  Available as a report, report with the database, or the database only.

If you'd like to read up on the (4,447 people) results. You need to purchase the data, prices at John Peddy Research start at $5,000.00 for a single user report:


Questionable results from John Peddy Research?

Question is of course whether the participants in the survey are representative of the global group of gamers as a whole. Also, the number of entries is too small of a data-set, in our opinion, to be taken seriously for a JPR report. The result set is indicative of that one single website, nothing else. Perhaps JPR should consider to team up with a party like Steam for some real big-data based numbers next time as this certainly raises questions what other reports are based on statistically deficient data.


A survey held in combined with the respondent’s demographic data produced 143,264 answers to critical consumer buying plans, market attitudes, and currently-owned equipment. The single largest response came from the U.S., followed by the U.K. Some of the results were surprising such as the large 41 percent installed base of AMD processors, plans to purchase Nvidia’s newest graphics add-in-board (AIB), and attitudes about pricing for motherboards, AIBs, virtual reality (VR), and head-mounted displays (HMDs).

This new Gamer's Buying Plans report is a 55-page report containing what PC gamers own and are planning to buy on a worldwide, regional, and country basis. It’s intended for OEMs, component suppliers, and partners. Consisting of two parts, the written report – including an executive summary, and the raw database of the survey will provide valuable insights.

55% of gamers own an Nvidia GPU and 27% of them have an RTX model says JPR

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