5 years mandatory updates & repairs for smartphones to become the norm in the EU

The European Union's regulatory body has proposed a rule that greatly extends the useful life of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. For this, the manufacturers should guarantee longer update support and ensure improved availability of spare parts.

Politicians have long planned that smartphones will only receive upgrades for a limited time. Last year, for example, the federal government established a seven-year upgrade mandate. Finally, there is frequently some resistance from the relevant producers. The European Union's regulatory agency has once again brought up the problem. In light of this, a proposal was made to mandate that companies provide new versions every three years. In return, at least five years' worth of security updates must be made available.

After two years, the majority of smartphone manufacturers cease providing software updates. This is true not just for budget phones, but also for flagships like the Asus Zenfone 9. Two months after the first release, upgrades should be made accessible for all devices. As a result, consumers would have more time to use their cell phones. The planet would also reap some benefits from this, of course.

The battery capacity must also remain unchanged during software updates, as per the proposal. Smartphone manufacturers should also be obliged to offer spare parts for their devices for at least five years after the release. Batteries, screens, cameras, and charging ports all fall under this category. A similar law mandating the use of USB-C will come into force as early as 2024.

If the restrictions are enacted, the ramifications for phone makers might be severe. Currently, several Android phone makers pledge just two or three years of upgrades for certain smartphones. All brands should also go out of their way to maintain repair components on hand.

According to the Financial Times, major manufacturers like as Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi are opposed to the proposals. They suggest that more electronic waste would be generated since more parts would have to be accessible for longer periods of time, resulting in overproduction. Because of the additional expenses, the laws may induce price hikes and a decrease in the availability of low-cost cellphones, as they become less appealing to manufacture.

5 years mandatory updates & repairs for smartphones to become the norm in the EU

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