3DMark Vantage Build 1.0.1 Hotfix download

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Futuremark issued a pending hotfix for 3DMark Vantage today. Bringing it up to version 1.01

I have made a mirror from where you can download the binary. Later, likely tomorrow I'll have the full version of Vantage updated as well. Yet currently I'm in the USA and my internet access is pretty limited, but the 15 MB patch will be sufficient as well as it includes the entire update.

The hotfix updates the following:

  • Off-line score viewing is now available in the Advanced Edition.
  • Score save / submit saved options are now available in the Advanced Edition.
  • Ad banners have been removed from all editions.
  • Added a "SEND ERROR" button to error messages; clicking this will send detailed error information to Futuremark for better bug tracking and fixing. No personally identifiable information will be sent or stored.

The hotfix fixes the following:

  • An issue preventing valid serial key entry in some cases has been fixed.
  • An issue causing "boost::filesystem::create_directory" error message after registration has been fixed.
  • Added a check and error message for hardware that is not DX10 capable.
  • Improved detection of supported resolutions so that CPU test minimum requirement (1280x1024) is now taken into account correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the ESC key during CPU test loading screen, the user would be taken to a score view with score -1.
  • The entire 3DMark Vantage application is now elevated to Administrator rights, rather than only the SystemInfo component. This will ensure more robust SystemInfo and benchmark functionality, and fixes the "pop-behind" elevation dialog.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused "WM_QUIT" error messages.
  • Post-processing scale is now displayed correctly in the UI for the Extreme Preset.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause resolution switches at test runtime.

Download hotfix: click here

3DMark Vantage Build 1.0.1 Hotfix download

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