15TB Micron 9300 NVMe SSD Offers 850K IOPS and 75 Petabyte Writes

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The advantage with bigger SSDs is that your endurance goes up quite significantly. This U2 interface poroduct is not a consumer product but intended for cloud storage. Check out the 9300 PRO.

The Micron 9300 series of NVMe SSDs is offered in two versions with varying endurance and performance characteristics. The 9300 PRO series is designed for read-intensive workloads and offered in capacities of 3.84TB, 7.68TB and 15.36TB. The 9300 MAX is geared toward mixed-use applications and offered in capacities of 3.2TB, 6.4TB and 12.8TB. Both versions will be available in U.2 (2.5-inch, 15 mm) form factor, support PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe and be rated for a mean time between failures of 2 million hours.

The Micron 9300 series provides storage densities that were once reserved only for hard disk drives (HDDs) by offering capacities up to 15.36TB. Large capacities and up to 32 NVMe namespaces allow enterprises to tailor deployments more efficiently for maximum storage use.

  • 850,000 read and 310,000 write inputs/outputs (IOPS**).
  • Class-leading capacities up to 15.36TB enable per-rack storage density that outperforms even the densest HDDs.
  • Data-integrity features such as data-path protection, power-loss protection for in-flight and at-rest data, sanitize crypto erase, and more.

15TB Micron 9300 NVMe SSD Offers 850K IOPS and 75 Petabyte Writes

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