Zalman ZM1000-EBT power supply review

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Zalman ZM1000-EBT power supply 

We review the Zalman ZM1000-EBT power supply. This 1 kilowatt powerhouse of the model comes Gold certified, that means it's roughly 90% efficient at 50% load. Efficiency matters. The PSU itself is fully modular, for most of you with a side panel window in their chassis that is a must really as you'll want modular cables. Have a peek at the article. This 80 Plus Gold certified power supply is profoundly advertised as a PSU with solid Japanese capacitors, and offers a fully modular design in cables.

As stated, this (Sirfa HPJ based) Zalman ZM1000-EBT (1000 Watt) comes Gold certified, that means it's 90% efficient at 50% load (in the EU / 220V). Efficiency matters. The PSU itself is even 100% modular. Efficiency matters; years ago PSUs were as low as 70% efficient, meaning that 30% of the used power simply vanishes, whilst you are paying for it on that electricity bill. If your components eat away 500W then with that 70% efficient product you'd actually use 650W. The PSU itself is 100% modular as well, for most of you with a side panel window in their chassis a must really as you'll want modular cables.

All in all we have plenty to show you and test. Mind you that being the mainstream to high-end range you'll get an added benefit as well, Zalman ZM1000-EBT Series PSUs are backed by an excellent 7-year warranty in the US and 5 years here in the EU. Hey, that's gold all by itself, but sure my man -- have a quick peek and then let's head on-wards into the review.


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