VidaBox vCase3 Premium mATX HTPC chassis review

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VidaBox vCase3 Premium chassis

VidaBox vCase3 Premium mATX HTPC chassis

VidaBox is a company known for their high-end HTPC parts, systems and solutions -- especially in the USA. Recently we reviewed one of their wireless keyboards, today we'll be looking at their vCase3 Premium chassis.

A low profile mATX HTPC chassis with a great design at a reasonable price. Simple, basic, handy -- these are all keywords that apply to the overall design and looks of the vCase3 Premium. Especially in an era where we see form factors change a lot, a chassis like this in the living room can help out a lot. It blends in with the rest of your components really well, it can house the latest mATX motherboards. You can pop in a regular ATX power supply and well... you are good to go. Whether it is entry-level, mid-range or even if you pop in say a high-end ASUS Maximus II Gene with Core i7 870 processor -- it's all possible with this HTPC chassis.

In builds like these, handy of course are the recently introduced H55 motherboards from Intel. Armed with a Clarkdale Core i3 or i5 processor for not too large an amount of money you can build a perfect HTPC with integrated monitor outputs like HDMI, DVI or DisplayPort. And sure, often such motherboards come with optical TOSLINK outputs as well. Pretty much you're just covered for the entire scope in needs for an HTPC.

The vCase3 Premium comes in a sleek simple design. It's silent, has extra front panel connectivity and you can pop in everything you need.

Let's have a look at what VidaBox has to offer.

VidaBox vCase3 Premium chassis


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