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Twintech GeForce GTS 250 1024MB XT OC edition


Product: GeForce GTS 250 1024MB XT OC
Manufacturer: TwinTech
Product code (SKU): TT-GTS250-1GD3E-HDMI-ACT-XT
Information: website
Street price: 169 EUR

Twintech is a relatively new name in the graphics industry, they deliver some pretty interesting graphics cards really, and as such, all the more reason for us to focus on them.

Since this is our first ever review on their products, let me introduce them. Twintech is dedicated to providing high quality graphic solutions. Their headquarters are based in Hong Kong yet they have a strong focus on Europe. As such Twintech has a logistic warehouse in France providing European local shipping, customer service and sales support.

Next to delivering the usual suspects in reference batches of graphics cards to the market, they also develop "XT / XT OC editions of their graphics cards targeted at the overclocking performance market. You'll have a hard time finding their products here in the EU as primarily their focus has been the France and Poland markets, but...  Twintech Graphics will be expanding in other EU & the worldwide markets this year.

Today here at we'll review one of their GeForce GTS 250 graphics cards. A product that surprised me a little as I was expecting a reference based product. The Twintech GeForce GTS 250 XT OC is packed with 1 GB of memory, pre-overclocked and comes with a wicked cooler from Arctic Cooling. For a first introduction... that was impressive to see. But will the product be able to keep up with Guru3D's pace in testing? Let's find out and startup a review on the Twintech GeForce GTS 250 XT OC edition graphics card. Have a peek at the photo... and then head on over to the next page please.

Twintech GeForce GTS 250 1024MB XT OC edition

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