TRENDnet 5-port Unmanaged 10G Switch review (TEG-S750)

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TRENDnet TEG-S750 5-Port 10G Switch Unmanaged
5 port 10/100/1000/2500/5000/10.000 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch

Price: ~ $270 EUR/USD - Trendnet

We review the TEG-S750 switch from TRENDnet. TRENDnet's TEG-S750 switch is reviewed. We've been preaching for faster Ethernet for years. This trend has begun with PC motherboards, NAS systems, and routers, but economical multi-GigE switches are lagging behind. Until now, as TYrendnet is among g the first to drop a 5-port RJ45 based 10 GigE switches onto the market for under 300 USD/EUR.

Here at my office and test-lab, we've already begun the transition to 10 GigE a few years ago; it's an expensive process, but the most limiting constraints are (expensive) switches. Older 10 GigE models are completely optical/fiber-connected with transposers. That will now work in your home-based environment since the move to RJ45 was required, slowly but steadily, this trend is now making its way to the consumer market.

Today we put a TRENDnet TEG-S750 5-Port 10G to the test. While still pricey we now, however (finally) have reached full 10G speeds on all ports, this could be a good alternative of you want that speedy infrastructure. All ports support full-duplex 10G RJ-45 connections. Your standard CAT5E/CAT6A and more advanced wiring will be fine for these speeds as long as you don't stretch cabling towards dozens of meters in length.

The most common 1 Gigabit standard provides a maximum throughput of ~128 MB/sec, excluding fault tolerance and QoS. This year, it appears that all motherboards and NAS devices have 2.5G or faster Ethernet LAN ports. As a result, this might be a sweet spot switch because all ports give 2.5G connectivity, bringing your throughput to 312 MB/sec minus fault tolerances and the rest. When you decide to go full 10 GigE you are looking at ~1250 MB/sec transfers.


The household in 2022 has changed quite a bit. Everything is connected, lots of folks have a NAS at home as centralized energy-friendly storage for all their file and locally stored streaming activity. Copying ask an MKV file towards your NAS typically yielded 120 MB/sec right? Times certainly are changing. Admittedly, we do have a slight fetish for network equipment. When you take that freshly painted hot-rod game machine you've spent dozens of hours building to a LAN party, you have to hook it up to a? LAN. Yup. It's hard to play games these days without a network of some kind.

The TRENDnet TEG-S750 is the typical thin, square metal box that comes to mind when one thinks of network equipment. It's around the size of a laptop's power brick, or roughly twice the size of the mouse you're flailing around. The cost per port, which is around $55, is enticing here. Add in some cool features like port trunking and 100Gbps switching capacity support, and you've got yourself a fairly useful, albeit relatively inexpensive, switch. Trendnet even offers a lifetime (limited) warranty with this switch.

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