Titan TTC-NK85TZ Fenrir CPU cooler review

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Titan Fenrir CPU cooler

Product: Fenrir CPU cooler
Manufacturer: Titan
SKU code: TTC-NK85TZ
Information: website
Street price: 30 EUR ~ $34.99

We've reviewed a lot of CPU coolers this year already, and we certainly won't stop delivering, no Sir. See, cooling is a 'hot' topic ;)

Hey all and welcome to a new heatpipe cooler test here at Guru3D.com The market is resourceful, plentiful and even a little saturated when it comes to CPU coolers. And you know what? That's just great as a matter of fact as that means you can get heatpipe coolers starting at 35 USD already, offering very decent performance combined with silent cooling. I mean that's what it's all about. Heatpipe based cooling was designed with silence in mind.

Today the turn goes to a company called Titan. Now, their name has been around for a long time now. Titan was founded in 1989 in Taiwan originally as Sogic Computer Co. Then a name change occurred in 1992; currently they employ approximately 1200 people at its two factories in China. The company aims to provide the best cooling solutions to its customers, looking to become the best computer cooling solutions provider.

With that in mind we figured ... why not test one of their products for a change? Titan has a 'Fenrir' series CPU cooler and after initial inspection, it just reminded me very much of the OCZ Vendetta series. And these puppies offer great value for money.

The Titan Fenrir ... the name alone already suggests that the name has to mean something, and after a little research you'll soon enough learn that Fenrir is a wolf in Norse mythology that is set to kill the god Odin during Ragnarok.  Oowkaaay then, let's drop mythology and get back to solid ground.

The Titan Fenrir is another mainstream heatpipe based CPU cooler and a pretty reasonable one too: 17dBA operation, 160W thermal load, universal socket support, PWM function, four 8mm heat pipes, and a 12cm fan. Oy not bad .. let's check it out to see where it stands in terms of price versus performance ... next page please.

Titan Fenrir CPU cooler

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