TeamGroup CX2 1TB SATA3 SSD review

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TeamGroup CX2 1TB SATA SSD review

The current trend in the market is that M.2/NVMe drives are the preferred option, because they usually offer better performance, with fewer cables needed. But there’s a place for SATA drives as well. They are still 4-5x faster than HDDs, which they will eventually replace in most PCs. Some of the other advantages include also the lack of noise and lower power consumption (usually up to 2 Watts). TeamGroup CX2 wants to use that niche and has introduced a new series of SATA SSD, it's CX2 that is a successor of the GX2 series. The manufacturer positions this product as a range of SSDs that can be the first choice for installation in an entry-level PC. They come in a typical 2.5-inch/7-mm SATA form factor. The CX2 has no DRAM Cache, but it does have an advanced SLC Caching technology and a read/write speed of up to 540/490 MB/s. The chips used are here the 3D TLC, so you should expect a good compromise of speed/durability. As for the basics relating to the types of - MLC writes 2 bits per cell, TLC 3 bits per cell, and QLC four bits per cell - thus the price is decreasing but endurance is lower, but you'll find more about it on the following pages. You can find here also the ECC (Error Correction Code) function that enhances efficiency. The CX2 is an SSD with a storage capacity of 256 GB / 512 GB / 1TB and even 2 TB.


The TBW for the 256 GB model is 200 TB, 400 TB for the 512 GB one, and 800 TB for the 1 TB version which are rather good values. The price per GB ranges from 12 cents (for the 256 GB version) to 9 cents (the 1 TB version). These kinds of drives are really becoming cheap nowadays. TeamGroup’s CX2 SSDs are priced as follows:

  • 256 GB for 31.99 USD
  • 512 GB for 50.99 USD
  • 1 TB for 89.99 USD

At the first glance, it looks like an affordable choice for mass storage use, which is much faster/responsive than the 3.5" HDDs, but will it be enough also for some more demanding scenarios? We'll surely check that during the review. Last but not least - TeamGroup offers a decent, 3-year warranty on this product. Let’s have a closer look at the CX2 model.  

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