Creative Labs SoundBlaster ZXR Review

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Creative Labs SoundBlaster ZXR Review

Product: Creative Lab SB ZXR
Price: ~$249.99
Warranty: 1 yr. Limited
SKU: 70SB151000000


Creative Labs has been a powerhouse force in the world of PC audio ever since there was such a concept as PC audio.  They developed loads of great audio tech for gamers and were considered the pinnacle of PC gaming audio devices for quite some time.

Creative Labs basically had the market cornered for many years and some diehard fans felt that during this time their designs suffered a bit.  They weren’t really pushing the envelope and trying to advance the market as much as a company would if they had steady competition.  As the saying goes it is great to be king! In recent times, the PC audio market has enjoyed a resurgence of fans and new technology.  New companies have thrown their hats into the ring and defiantly declared to Creative to either step up or step off.  Enter the current Z class of soundcards.  From what we have been able to gleen, the new Z series is CL's push to gain the top spot again or at least gather the lions share. Needless to say in the Guru3D Audio Lab, we were quite interested to get a look and listen at their latest flagship product, the SoundBlaster ZXR.

Today in the Guru3D Audio Lab, we have the ZXR flagship offering from Creative Labs and we are all ready to examine and have a listen to check out what this new product has to offer the PC audio community.  We have much to do, so let's get to it.



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