Silverstone Permafrost PF240 liquid cooler review

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Silverstone PERMAFROST PF240 liquid cooler
The permanently frosted AIO?

Today, we are reviewing an AIO cooler from Silverstone: the PERMAFROST PF240. Silverstone is not entirely a newcomer in the AIO segment of the market. In the past, they introduced the Tundra series (120/240 mm), which was available in an RGB version as well. This time around, it’s a fully ARGB LCS, although unfortunately not expandable (similarly to most of the solutions on the market today), unlike the Alphacool Eisbaer 280 Extreme or Swiftech H240 X3 that we reviewed here recently. Three variants are available:

  • 120 mm
  • 240 mm (the one reviewed here)
  • 360 mm

The PERMAFROST uses a very popular All-in-One formula, with a radiator and pump that are coupled into a single loop, and aided by fans (2 x120 mm in this case). Speaking of fans, they are PWM-controlled 120 mm units with 600-2200 rpm and noise performance up to 35.6 dBA (but you should know that each manufacturer measures this in a different way). Silverstone states the fans are optimized for both air-flow and pressure, therefore providing maximum performance with minimal noise. The water block includes a pump with a multi-chamber design that isolates hot and cold liquid channels to prevent heat bleeding, thus making it more effective at removing heat away from the water block. The new pump utilizes a three-phase motor and six pole design for smoother, quieter operation compared with other single-phase designs, which in turn should improve efficiency too. The housing’s dimensions are 272 mm × 120 mm × 28 mm, which is typical for this size. 


The PF240-ARGB cooler has an included ARGB controller for users to connect with the ARGB fans and pump.
SilverStone’s RGB solution is compatible with Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0, MSI Mystic Light Sync, Asus Aura Sync, and Razer Chroma. Silverstone PERMAFROST PF240 is available for 94.99 GBP. The warranty period is 2 years, but in some regions (like Korea) it’s a 5-year period. Let’s check out the manufacturer’s info, specs, and features on the next page

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