Samsung T7 Shield Portable 1TB USB SSD review

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Samsung Portable SSD T7 Shield  NVMe USB 3.2 Gen2
Hitting 570-1000 MB/s with a portable and USB SSD with ease

Remember when huge hard disks had mechanical internals and only enough capacity for a few songs or photos? Those days are long gone, Neet the T7 Shield, which is available in 1TB and 2TB capacities, is a tiny, fast, and durable drive for 2022. Samsung recently updated the portable lineup with the t7 Shield, the rugged external SSD is not only exceptionally fast but also very small. The T7 model Rugged, yeah, this puppy can withstand a three-meter fall. It's a well-designed gadget that works with any USB-connected device and stresses value above speed. Rapidly increasing in speed and size while simultaneously decreasing in weight and dependability, as well as increasing in capacity and cost savings. It certainly appears to be a win-win scenario, doesn't it? The T7 Shield is all about bing a a trustworthy product, with a durable housing that can withstand a three-meter drop and protects your data from water (IP65) and dust. Because the T7 Shield's aluminum enclosure has an extra layer of rubber, the SSD measures 88x59x13 millimeters rather than the T7's 85x57x8 millimeters. The T7 Shield's weight of 98 grams helps. Samsung recognizes that storage requirements have increased dramatically. That understanding is evident in the fact that the T7 Shield's least capacity is one Terabyte. It normally costs $159.99 but you'll spot it for even $134.99. The model we test is a T7 Shield 2TB and sells for $289.99, but it is presently can be spotted at $239.99.

Connectivity is provided through a USB Type-C connector located on the right side of the device. Samsung isn't very generous with information on the internals, but based on the performance, we can safely say they are SATA. Tests with a 20Gbps USB connection capable of 2GBps revealed a transfer rate of roughly 550MBps for the 10Gbps.

Key Features

  • Tough: Along with IP65 dust and water-resistance, this portable SSD is rated to be drop-proof to 3m
  • Mobile-friendly: The T7 Shield adheres to the USB power specification, promising trouble-free use with mobile devices
  • Colours: The Samsung T7 Shield comes in a choice of three colours: blue, black or beige
  • Cables: Samsung supplies two cables with a USB-A and USB-C connectors. Arguably this isn’t as convenient (or environmentally aware) as a USB-C cable with a USB-A adapter

According to Samsung's specifications, the T7 Shield will deliver the same performance as the normal T7. It is rated for sequential write rates of up to 1000MB/sec and read speeds of up to 1050MB/sec using NVMe technology. That's roughly twice the speed of SATA-based SSDs and nearly ten times the speed of portable hard drives. Such speeds are fast enough to record 8K or even 12K video, so we'll check that out and test it. The drive features optional AES 256-bit hardware encryption, which requires Samsung's applications. Mac and Windows installers are on the device, an Android app can be downloaded. This function worked on Windows and Android (I was unable to test on MacOS). The apps are simple, straightforward, and cross-platform. If you password-protect the drive, you can't utilize it with iOS devices or external recorders.


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