Review: Deepcool CH160 (ITX) chassis

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Introduction - DeepCool CH160 ITX Case: A Compact Solution for High-Performance PC Builds

Meet the DeepCool CH160 ITX case, it stands out in the market of small form factor (SFF) cases by offering a surprisingly spacious 20-litre interior despite its compact size. This case supports high-end hardware, accommodating graphics cards like the GeForce RTX 4080 and CPU coolers up to 172 mm in height. It fits video cards up to 305 mm in length, making it an adaptable choice for gamers and PC enthusiasts who require powerful components in a portable format. Designed for portability, the CH160 includes a robust handle on the top, enhancing its ease of transport. This feature is particularly useful for attendees of gaming events who prefer to bring their own equipment. The case's structure is designed to maximize cooling efficiency, a critical factor given the confined space typical of ITX systems. It achieves this through the use of mesh panels that allow for excellent airflow, thus ensuring that even the most heat-generating components remain cool under load. In terms of connectivity, the CH160 is well-equipped with modern I/O options. It includes USB 3.0 and Type-C ports as well as hybrid audio jacks, facilitating easy and versatile connections to a wide range of peripherals. The maintenance of the case is also streamlined by the inclusion of three removable dust filters, which help keep the internals clean and functioning at their best over time. The design of the CH160 emphasizes functionality over aesthetics, opting for practical features that enhance the user experience without the frills of premium design elements. This approach makes the CH160 an attractive option for users who prioritize performance and practicality. Priced at approximately 60 EUR, it offers an affordable solution for building a high-performance PC in a small footprint. The CH160 supports direct installation of GPUs, eliminating potential latency issues that can arise with complex mounting setups. The case also accommodates various power supply sizes(ATX PS2(maximum length: 140mm(!))/ SFX / SFX-L), adding a layer of flexibility for different build configurations.


The overall design includes quality-of-life features such as removable fan brackets that simplify the installation and replacement of cooling fans. The sturdy carrying handle and efficient internal layout make the CH160 an ideal choice for those who frequently transport their PCs. PC builders who need a portable, and efficient housing for their high-performance components. Whether for gaming, content creation, or general high-intensity computing, the CH160 provides a robust foundation for any powerful ITX system setup. But let's dive into the review.

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