Radeon R9-290X Crossfire vs GeForce GTX 780 SLI review

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AMD Radeon R9 290X Crossfire (2-way) review vs GeForce GTX 780

The Radeon R9 290X launched this week and received a quite nice vibe in the market. Though a lot of money, price performance wise these cards will be interesting. The R9-290 series are products with a lot of horsepower and also with a lot of reserve to play even future games extraordinary well. The graphics engine on the Hawaii GPU can chew away into more stringent conditions, and yeah it just performs really well. Such conditions would be GPU limited games, and gaming in the massive resolutions with Ultra HD monitor configurations, hence that phat 4 GB graphics memory per card helps out al right.

Though we feel that the regular R9-290 might be the actual  sweet-spot for those that wish to follow the multi-GPU route, today we look at the Radeon R9-290X. AMD injected the product very aggressively in the 499 EUR price tag bracket making the product cheaper opposed to the GeForce GTX 780. And that makes the GTX 780 the primary competition, nit the GTX Titan at 900 EUR. Both the 780 and 290X cards haul massive tooshy in performance, but what if you pair them up on SLI and Crossfire ? From both vendors we actually have two cards of each in house, the R9-290X that comes from AMD and from NVIDIA the GeForce GTX 780. All cards are reference clocked products. So that means that AIB card that are factory overclocked will be a hint (typically up top 10%) faster. For AMD R9-290X you may expect custom boards later in Q4.

We'll setup the two cards up in multi-GPU mode (2-way) clock them standard and test multi-GPU performance -- taking it to the next level -- multi-GPU gaming. In this review we'll show you a little about the technology and the GPU itself of course. More interestingly, we'll have a look at Crossfire performance. As if you figured just one card would be interesting, you have no idea what's coming at you with two cards. With UHD (Ultra High Definition Gaming) becoming rapidly popular we'll also test the multi-GPU setups on such a monitor. Next to that we'll perform FCAT tests to see where AMD is early Autumn anno 2013 in terms of micro-stuttering and frame pacing.

Have a peek at the offering, and then march onward into the review, Aloha Hawaii um, Hawaii's



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