Radeon HD 2900 PRO 512MB review (HiS)

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HiS Radeon HD 2900 Pro 


HiS Radeon HD 2900 PRO
Product type: 512 MB (GDDR3) mid-range graphics card
Manufacturer: HIS
Website: hisdigital.com
MSRP: 229 EUR / 249 USD

HiS Radeon HD 2900 Pro 512 MBShhht ... quiet. Very very quiet. Okay, what do you hear right now? Almost nothing, eh? Hello everyone. This is how silent the product we test today was launched. Today we're going to have a closer look at AMD-ATI's all new Radeon HD 2900 Pro. First let me say thanks to HiS technology for quickly providing this review sample because it was launched so quietly that ATI didn't have ant (no joke).

Okay then; how this I make you acquainted with this product the easy way ... well it quite honestly is rather simple. You just take a Radeon HD 2900 XT, clock is a tad slower and then you have the 2900 Pro, really it's that simple. There's virtually and physically no difference between the two cards other than how well it's performing. Same amount of shader processors, memory, PCB, fan, CrossFire compatible, built-in HDMI with multi-channel 5.1 surround audio ... everything. And you know what? That's actually good. Because quite frankly the HD 2900 XT itself isn't a bad card for the money you had to pay for it. Now this card is even more interesting as it's going to sell for $249 USD which makes this product a direct competitor to NVIDIA's GeForce 8600 GTS and 8800 GTS 320 MB.

So what we'll do today is show you exactly that. We'll take this graphics card into our luxurious test-system, armed with Vista, throw some DX9 and DX10 tests at it and hey, all it has to do is beat the two mentioned NVIDIA cards. This might be a very interesting card for the money my friends; very interesting.

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HiS Radeon HD 2900 Pro

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