Prolink PixelView GeForce 6600 Ultimate review

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square-6600-prolink.jpgProlink PixelView GeForce 6600 UltimateManufacturer: Prolink
MSRP: 135 - 145 USD

Hey friends, another week and another GeForce 6600 review. I'm afraid this will continue to do so for the next couple of weeks. The GeForce 6600 is hitting the market hard as this is going to be a graphics card that is affordable yet offers some really good value for its money. Today's product review is no exception. Last week we received a new sample from the good folks of Prolink, a company with a reputation of doing things differently. Plasma cooling, PDF technology are two things that come to mind immediately.

Prolink will be offering a lot of 6600 products, let's have a quick look at them:

Model Serie Core Freq MHz Mem Freq MHz Mem MB
GeForce 6600 GT PV-N43UE(128LD) 500 1000 128 128 Bit
GeForce 6600 Golden Limited PV-N43ED(256KD) 300 600 256 128 Bit
GeForce 6600 Ultimate PV-N43ET(256KD) 300 500 256 128 Bit
GeForce 6600 Ultimate PV-N43ET(128KD) 300 500 128 128 Bit
GeForce 6600 PV-N43E(128LD) 300 400 128 64 Bit
GeForce 6600 PV-N43E(128KD) 300 400 128 128 Bit
GeForce 6600 PV-N43E(256KD) 300 400 256 128 Bit

As you can see there's lot's to choose from, actually so much that it's confusing. The product you want to steer clear of is the one marked with 64-bit memory. Memory bandwidth is extremely crucial and a very important factor for performance. That 64-bit version will have effectively halved performance over the 128-bit models.

The sample we are testing today can be found right in the middle of that list, the GeForce 6600 Ultimate equipped with 128 MB memory. We'll bring you a review on the regular GeForce 6600, not the GT that we recently reviewed. No, this is the cheaper standard 6600. Today we will be testing the PCI-Express model and this little puppy is running at a 300 MHz core with 500 MHz DDR 128-bit memory.

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Prolink PixelView GeForce 6600 Ultimate - PV-N43ET(128KD)

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