Plextor M10P 2TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD review

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Plextor M10P(G) NVMe 2TB M2 SSD (PCIe Gen 4.0)
Breaching 7 GB/sec
M.2.Class SSD performance for a mainstream price

A manufacturer will occasionally manage to surprise us with something that leaves a lasting impression on us. And here we are, with the introduction of the new M10P from Plextor. This round does not include a Phison PS5018-E18 controller, and as it turns out, this leads in really good results, with the average speeds approaching 7 GB/sec. If you enjoy durability and extreme PCIe 4.0 performance levels, this might be the right NVMe SSD for you.

A new series of PCIe 4.0 solid-state drives from Plextor, the M10P, was introduced lately. They have three different models. They are available in m.2 nvme form factors (8cm) with and without an aluminum heat sink, as well as a variant with an x4 expansion card. There is also an SLC cache present, in addition to the BiCS4 BiCS 3D flash from Kioxia being used. The read speeds of all three models are 7000 megabytes per second, and the write rates are 5000 megabytes per second. The performance of random read and write operations is 650,000 and 530,000 IOPS, respectively. There will be capacities ranging from 512GB to 1 or 2 terabytes. The drives have a five-year warranty and must have a mean time between failures of more than 2.5 million hours in order to be eligible for the warranty. The Plextor M10P(GN), M10P(G), and M10P(Y) are expected to become available this month; however, pricing has not yet been determined. So this is a bit of an exclusive.

  • Up to 7,000 MB/s Sequential Read
  • Up to 5,000 MB/s Sequential Write
  • Up to 650K IOPS Random Read
  • Up to 550K IOPS Random Write

We tested the G model, that's the M2 unit with heatsink. However, a Plextor M10PY variant sports a die-casted heat sink design that features a graphene surface treatment for efficient thermal cooling during peak performance. The Plextor M10PY SSD’s RGB lighting is programmable for different effects and synchronizations with RGB software from many leading motherboard brands, including ASUS Aura Sync, ASRock Polychrome Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0, and MSI Mystic Light Sync, among others. The Plextor M10PG also offers proper cooling capabilities with a beautifully streamlined anodized aluminum heat sink. The Plextor M10PGN comes without a heat sink and is designed to fit laptops, ultrabooks, and small-form-factor PCs. Yeah, PCIe Gen 4.0 for those that want top-notch high-performance at a fair price, this PCIe Gen 4 x4 M2 unit might be what you are after. The SSD  is available in multiple volumes sizes. There's the 2TB version we test, a 1 TB model, and a 512GB model. Plextor is claiming numbers that run into the 7000 MB/s, Write Speeds, and up to 5000 MB/s for the fastest 2 TB M2 SSD. They a offer proper 5 years warranty.  TLC NAND is used backed with pSLC caches. The SSD is a Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe 1.4) M.2 2280 form factor SSD.


Innogrit high-performance controller

Our team was shocked by the device's speed and access time during testing. This new controller brand was often far better than the earlier models made with Similar Phison controlled systems. After taking a more careful look, Plextor has an entirely new controller, the Innogrit IG5236, and it does make a difference.

Compared to normal SATA3 SSDs, NVMe SSDs deliver some of the best performance ratings available, and 14x higher performance is exceptional. The unit is compatible with most ATX motherboards because of its reduced form factor of 8cm. Now on to the review.


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