Palit GeForce GTX 1630 4GB Dual review

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GeForce GTX 1630 4GB review

NVIDIA has released a budget series graphics card, don't expect flying framerates, but a fun little card for entry-level gaming. Meet the GeForce GTX 1630 4GB from Palit, in a DUAL fan version. The GTX 1630 is now available to the general market. This card features 512 shader cores, which is less than the GTX 1650. The graphics processor of the card is a Turing TU117-150. NVIDIA chose a smaller, 64-bit memory bus for this product. That is a 50% reduction in memory bandwidth, and might just be too limited.

Palit GeForce GTX 1630 DUAL

The Palit card is fitted with that NVIDIA TU117 GPU, this time the revision 150 GPU SKU; it has an almost unimaginable small 512 cores activated and is paired with a very low 4GB  GDDR6 graphics memory. Palit applied a semi-passive design with two fans that start to spin and cool once the GPU warms up, and thus remain passive in idle load situations. The card is fitted with a  6-pin power connector. The card is rated with a 75W power draw from the GPU (TGP). The out-of-the-box boost clock for this product is ~1775 MHz. Have a peek, and then let's head onwards into the photoshoot. She's quite pretty looking.


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