Ozone SMOG gaming mouse review

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Ozone SMOG

In the land of gaming there are a lot of peripherals in store you can choose from. One of the most important products, for a gamer, has to be the mouse. And let's face it, we have seen some revolutionary designs over the past few years. A relatively unknown name in the industry is 'Ozone' and recently they have launched their 'Smog' mouse.

Smog is one of the most extreme mice I have tested personally in a while and we've seen a good number of them. Smog is as versatile as can be and not only that, it's a very ergonomic mouse with a great feel and guess what, an affordable sales price as well.

Recently Ozone Gaming Gear's Smog mouse started selling and at a price of  give or take 49.90 Euro it's definitely not among the most expensive models out there. The Smog features an ergonomic right handed design, it has an embedded Avago 9500 laser sensor, 7+2 programmable buttons, and a DPI settings 5040 (selectable).
The mouse also comes with a rubber left side grip, ceramic footpads, an adjustable weight. And sure, Macro modes for gaming profiles as well and 4-way scrolling.

Oh and did we mention it's a great looking mouse as well ? Have a peek and then let's startup this review.

Ozone SMOG


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