OCZ Vertex 2 Pro (SandForce) SSD preview

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OCZ Vertex 2 - SandForce

OCZ Vertex 2 - SandForceLife as a reviewer does not suck.  We get to play around with the hottest tech on the globe for a while before sending it back to the manufacturer, sometimes even when it's not released. The hottest tech well, that's what it is all about. Technological advancements and innovation bringing more features and performance to the end-user.

OCZ has been on a winning streak with their SSD drives ever since that started selling Indilinx controller based products. Armed with that controller and a nice phat cache these SSDs show brilliant performance. Therefore it came as a total shock to all of the sudden see OCZ announce a new series SSDs with SandForce controllers. Now I have been in this industry for roughly twelve years and I dunno about you guys, but I had certainly never heard of SandForce.

A quick browse or two learned that the SandForce controller is an all new hot product which will bring extensive performance equal or even higher to the Indilinx products yet without the need for additional cache memory. And that sounds weird really ... no additional cache memory is being used  to solve the random IO perf of small files.

Apparently it's not needed with the SandForce controllers and that's where the true power of this product is to be found. Fantastic performing SSD drives without the need for a data-cache, saving on money.

In March OCZ will release the first product based on that SandForce controller and Guru3D has an exclusive preview ready for you guys. We'll take a look inside and out, and then check out if performance indeed is as good as claimed.

This should be an interesting read alright. You guys ready to meet SandForce? Let's go peek at that all new Vertex 2 Pro SSD.

OCZ Vertex 2 - SandForce

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