OCZ Agility 3 SSD review

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OCZ Agility 3 SSD


Recently we tested the OCZ Vertex 3 and the Vertex 3 PRO, the somewhat super-high-end to 'business' oriented SSD with a freakishly fast controller and performance.

But what about the more regular consumers you might wonder ? Well for you guys OCZ is about to inject an SSD into the market that is labeled "Agility 3" SSD.

That's right, the Agility series now has landed on the SATA III (6G) controller platform and that means reasonably better priced products versus a serious amount of performance Seriously the stuff you'll see in this review will make you scratch behind your head.

The Agility 3 consumer model SSD will cost you 180 EUR for the 120GB model and 400 EUR for the 240GB model. See these are prices that seem to be more acceptable, though admittedly it's a lot of money for storage. Being initial launch prices, these will drop over time of course.

We stated it a couple of times already, the golden rule anno 2011 is to get yourself a sweet SSD for your operating system, applications and a game or two and a big TB HDD for mass storage. It is the perfect balance for speed and volume storage.

So back to the Agility 3 SSDs -- what's the difference in-between Agility 2 and now 3 you might ask ? Well, two primary things really, controller and NAND flash memory type. Labeled with advertised speeds of  of 525 MB/sec with write speeds of 500 MB/sec this product should be really interesting for many of you.

So let's halt the introduction right here and now, and find out all abut the dreamy performance and start up this review on the next page.

OCZ Agility 3 SSD

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