NZXT Relay Headset and SwitchMix review

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Final words and conclusion

The MSRP of a headset is 99.99 USD/99.90 EUR, and for SwitchMix, 129.99 USD/139.90 EUR – both products provide good quality for the value. The Relay Headset allows gamers to get a high-quality headset solution without compromising audio or (especially) mic quality, which is nice. Wearing comfort was very good; the sound quality was fine. You won’t hurt your ears even when listening to music (of course, if you’re not an audiophile – but I don’t think they would even consider this product).


It’s a good package for the money you spend, given the two 40 mm neodymium magnets. The drivers offer a sound that’s detailed enough and has a wide spectrum (although they lack the bass a bit). As for the SwitchMix, one of the great features is that when you lift the headphones off the stand, audio switches to them from the speakers. When you place the headphones back, the audio returns to the connected speakers. You get a tactile control with digitally customizable LEDs and EQ. It makes sense to get it, especially as a headset stand and a DAC.

Wearing Comfort

The Relay Headset is excellent in this respect. The simple design makes it feel very good in weight (as it’s light) and very comfortable. The ear padding is comfortable, and the headband is made solidly. Even longer sessions are not tiresome, and your ears don’t get too warm despite using closed ear cups.


You must spend 79.99 USD/79.90 EUR - Relay Headset is a pretty decent deal for what you get. It offers a satisfying audio quality (with DTS Headphone:X compatibility, a Hi-res Audio Certificate, and a very good microphone). The Relay Headset delivers a solid performance in music and is good in gaming (here, you can miss some more bass, as the characteristics are neutral, not V-shape), thanks to proper 40 mm drivers. You get excellent wearing comfort. We want to grant it the “Bronze” award. As for the SwitchMix – its price is 129.99 USD/139.90 EUR. It’s a niche but very useful, well-designed audio device that enables you to enjoy/switch (instantly) between the headset and the speakers. It’s well thought out, with a practical headset stand and the 24-bit/96 kHz DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), which may not be high-end, but it’s definitely better than the integrated sound cards. Summing it up – it deserves the “Silver” award.


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