NZXT Kraken X42 Review

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The Software Behind The KRAKEN


So this product is compatible with NZXT CAM - a software suite which allows you to monitor variables like RPM, temperatures, control the fan RPM and a large range of variables really. You can also configure the RGB LED coloring and all kinds of animations.


At first run have the unit perform a firmware update if requested, afterward you will need to power down the PC and start it up again for the Kraken to function properly. CAM can be a little tricky to get working. 

Above is the default layout. As you can see the software has picked up from earlier versions and is showing information for LED control, Pump and Fan control / Monitoring. Each fan for example can be programmed individually, create your own profile or just select: default /quiet and performance modes.


Here we have selected LED control. The waterblock has a programmable RGB lit logo and the separated rings which you can both configure. You can select normal, anims and temperature based even audio color control. I love the RGB LED design and to fool around with colors. Overall LED configuration works well.


We strongly suggest you set the unit at its performance configuration, it offers the best balance in-between performance and very low noise. The pump also has an entry in CAM, we recommend pumping at performance capacity which can't be heard anyways. The software suite really is the icing on top of the cake that is the LCS unit.

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