noblechairs HERO Black Edition gaming chair review

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noblechairs HERO Black Edition review
A chair for the Noble (and tall) guys?

This time, we’re checking out (I think it’s the first time review on Guru3d for this type of gear) a gaming chair – it’s the noblechairs HERO black Edtion. The manufacturer is a company with headquarters in Germany, and it was established in Berlin in 2016. They have three main models (EPIC, HERO, and ICON), but they also introduce special editions (like AMG, Doom, Fallout, etc.), making the selection even harder. In general - choosing the right chair is a very important matter for daily usage, especially in these Covid times – when people have more “Home Office” and sit more at home than previously. It is worth stopping working on an ordinary chair in the dining room or sofa, which, although it may seem comfortable, does not provide the right position for long sitting in front of the monitor. It would be nice to invest in the right armchair, for which our spine will be very grateful. A good product should ensure high comfort and maintain the correct posture while playing or working, which cannot be said about the cheapest Chinese constructions from the market. Also, many (no to cheap) offers put a lot of pressure on the looks/colors, and even some carbon fiber or even RGB elements and not on what counts the most (in the final result). So, where should you look if you want something that is not flashy, a product that you won’t be ashamed of to show? Noblechairs HERO model is the one provided for review.



Why this one? Well, this model should be comfortable for larger and heavier users. I’m one of them, having 202 cm of height and quite some kilos of weight (these lockdowns, etc., were not good for this aspect for sure). The weight of the chair is 30 kg, the total size is up to 137 cm, with a seat height of 48 to 56 centimeters above the ground. The seat width is 52 centimeters wide and 55 cm of depth. The backrest dossier is 87 centimeters, 56 centimeters wide, and tilts up to 125 degrees. The armrests are large - 27 cm long and 10.5 cm wide. They move forward-backward, up-down, at an angle, and left-right (that’s why they’re called 4D). There is also a tilt mechanism and a neck pillow. There’s also a system allowing lumbar support control; the cushion has been replaced with a knob on the side. Opposed to the Icon – it is wider. Noblechairs HERO is rather flat and large – so for the taller people, it should be more comfortable; the minimalist approach makes it a good fit also for the offices. Additionally, opposed to the EPIC, which looks like a seat taken straight from a sports car – there are no plastic holes for shoulder straps. As for the Black Edition in general – the reviewed sample is a version with a Hybrid PU-Leather.


There are also PU-Leather and pure Leather variants available. Ok, so what’s this Hybrid about? It ensures unparalleled comfort over extended periods. No matter how long you sit, the surface is designed to prevent sticking and discomfort. Moreover, the material’s durability should be great. Even after years, the surface should look good. The material is tear-resistant, durable, highly abrasion-resistant, and easy to clean. The looks for this leather option are great, and additionally, you receive many advantages. That (theoretically) sounds awesome. But will it be like that in reality? For sure, we’ll write about it later, as this review has been prepared after three months of extended use, so it’s no “first look” or something like that. The price is 529.99 USD/449.99 EUR/419.98 GBP, but you must remember that it’s the most expensive besides the pure leather version. Of course, we are aware that it is a considerable chunk of cash. We often prefer to spend this additional amount on a better processor, graphics card, monitor, or keyboard. Still, we know from experience that it can pay off.

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