Netac NV7000 2 TB NVMe SSD Review

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Netac NV7000  NVMe SSD(2 TB)

Today we’re presenting a review of a Netac NV7000 M.2 SSD. Netac Technology was established in 1999 in Shenzhen (China). Their product line mainly consists of SSDs, RAM, SD cards, USB flash, and external drives. The company is well known in China, but not so much in Europe/USA. It’s the first product of this company covered on guru3d.



The drive uses the NVMe 1.4 protocol, and according to the manufacturer, this series achieves read speeds of up to 7400 MB/s and write speeds of up to 6850 MB/s. The 4K random read speeds are up to 940,000 IOPS, and the write speeds of 1,000,000 IOPS. These numbers are impressive and should satisfy the vast majority of the users. The write endurance values are as follows:

  • 1TB: 640 TB
  • 2TB: 1,280 TB
  • 4TB: 3,000 TB

but also you shouldn’t worry too much as the product has a 5-year product guarantee. MTBF is ≥ 2,000,000 hours.



The NAND flash is 3D 176-layer Micron TLC (B47R), and the controller is InnoGrit IG5236. There’s a heatsink applied for effective heat dissipation (and it is also a good thing for compatibility with the Sony Playstation 5). According to the manufacturer, the working temperature should effectively be reduced by about 18 degrees.
The Netac SSD NV7000 specifications are as follows for each capacity option:

  • 1 TB – up to 7000 MB/s in reading and 5500 MB/s in sequential writing. The IOPS are up to  460 000/ 920 000 IOPS in 4K Random Read/Write;
  • 2 TB – up to 7000 MB/s in reading and 6700 MB/s in sequential writing. The IOPS are up 620 000/900 000 IOPS in 4K Random Read/Write
  • 4 TB - up to 7200 MB/s in reading and 6850 MB/s in sequential writing. The IOPS are up 940 000/1 000 000 IOPS in 4K Random Read/Write

The street price of the 2 TB variant is around 150 USD. Let’s look at the Netac SSD NV7000 model, shall we? As we mentioned - Netac offers an excellent 5-year warranty on this product. 

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