MSI Clutch GM51 Wireless mouse review

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MSI Clutch GM51 Wireless review

All hail the new MSI Clutch GM51, an upgraded version of its predecessor, the MSI Clutch GM41 gaming mouse. It has been designed specifically for first-person shooter enthusiasts and boasts several enhancements, including Diamond Lightgrips, which offer superior grip during intense gaming sessions. It also has an optical sensor that can reach up to ... wait for it .. 26,000 DPI, providing gamers with an impressive increase of 6,000 DPI.

Despite being 11 grams heavier than its predecessor, the MSI Clutch GM51 still weighs in at a meagre 85 grams, which makes it extremely lightweight. Its ergonomic design and well-balanced structure make it easy to move around, which enhances gaming performance. However, the mouse only features six buttons, which may not be sufficient for users who crave more customization options. The MSI software leaves much to be desired, which could be a setback for some users but is acceptable. The response time of the MSI Clutch GM51 remains unchanged from its predecessor, which is still excellent at 1,000Hz / 1ms. The mouse's increased DPI and lightning-fast response time make it highly responsive to gamers' commands and stand out from its competitors. Furthermore, the MSI Clutch GM51's remarkable responsiveness is notable, given that wireless mice typically suffer from latency issues. The wired version MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight Mouse comes with a price tag of USD 69.99, representing a notable increase from the MSI Clutch GM31, which was priced at USD 39.99. However, the higher price point is not solely due to the inclusion of robust RGB lighting. The wireless version as tested costs USD 99.99 While MSI has integrated stylish rubberized grips with RGB lighting, there are other noteworthy upgrades to this device.

One of the most impressive upgrades is the PixArt PAW 3395 Optical Sensor, which offers advanced capabilities which boasts impressive specifications such as 26000 DPI at 650 IPS with 50G acceleration, making it suitable for even the most intense of eSports activities. Its 60 M-rated Omron switches, PTFE feet, and 85-gram design enhance its performance and durability. The mouse also offers three connectivity modes: MSI SwiftSpeed 2.4G, Bluetooth, and Wired. Its own unique charging dock ensures that it is always prepared for use. This feature demonstrates how much can change when upgrading from one price bracket to another. Observing how the mid-range and high-end gaming mice are steadily advancing is remarkable. The MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight Mouse is a testament to this progress, as it boasts a polling rate of 8000Hz, ensuring almost flawless performance. Will the price tag be worth it for features and functionality? Sure it will. Let's find out, shall we?


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