MOVA 256 USB Pen Drive

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imageview.php?image=87A while ago I was asked by a manufacturer if I was willing to test a pen drive. Pen Drive I hear you say ? Let me explain: you should seeĀ a Pen Drive as a removable hard disk drive with USB connection. Okay, so I know these things are the future but are they really usable I figured ? So with that question in mind I agreed to review the test sample. A few days later the post office drops of the package. This really tiny pen-drive with USB interface made me smile, basically it's a flashable memory with an USB connector. Once again I figured, oh yes this will be the future. And although today they can only hold up-to 512 MB (the 1 GB version is already slowly becoming available) and get this .. a 5 Gigabyte version will be available by fall this year. You can notice that storage capacity is now steadily growing towards acceptable sizes, we are not quite there yet though.

Think of this ... tiny and small as a let's say good sized yellow marker, it only weighs a couple of gram's, connects to the USB port and works on any PC with an USB port. Imagine this product a few years from now, I mean let's face it with the rapid technology advancement/growth in a year of five we'll have multiple gigabyte sized pendrives. Now compare that with your Hard-Drive .. that noisy bugger which produces a lot of heat.

Today we are looking at the Mova 256 MB pen-drive. Basically it's a memory chip that will hold it's data even when it's unplugged.


  • Bootable
  • Storage capacity range 16MB to 1 Gig
  • Security - support for password protection
  • Convenience connectable with desktop, laptop via USB port no driver required for installation except for Win95/98/SE.
  • Hot plug and play.
  • High reliability and access rate.
  • Tiny size, light weight, shock proof and moisture proof
  • Support for Windows ME/2000/XP, Mac OS (ver. 8.6 or above) and Linux kernel version 2.4.0 or above without driver.
  • LED indicator while Carry Drive is busy.
  • Pen Drive has lock capability to avoid writing over data.

Package Contents

  • Mova disk (USB Memory)
  • User manual
  • Application software

What is it?
Accessing and transporting data has never been easier with the Pen Drive.

The Mova Pen Drive

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