Mountain Display and Macro Pad for keyboard review

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Mountain Display and Macro Pad
The Pads to make your e-life even better? 

The Mountain Display and Macro Pad are the ones we’re reviewing today. They’re not the first products of this German manufacturer that we had a chance to check in detail(s). First up was the Makalu 67 mouse back in December’20, then their first keyboard – Everest Max (July’21), and the 60% format edition called Everest 60 back in April’22. All of them earned the  “Recommended” award. One thing that caught our attention (from the Everest Max) was the Media Dock with a Display Dial. Additionally, there were four display buttons available at the Numpad.



Now, on the 6th of October’22, it’s time to show the further steps in the development process of Mountain. The provided Display and Macro Pads expand the possibilities of the Mountain keyboards. Why’s that? As for the DisplayPad, it’s a streaming and content creation controller with 12 customizable tactile display keys. The MacroPad is a similarly described controller with 12 customizable (and RGB-illuminated) tactile macro keys. If that’s not enough, it’s possible to use the Folders feature for even more sophisticated configurations. Bind a folder to any of your keys to create another layer for your shortcuts, macros, hotkeys, and functions. There are also profiles available; they can be changed manually or automatically upon launching or closing user-defined files or programs.




MOUNTAIN Keypads gives you freedom of choice. They come with a sturdy stand and can also be attached directly to Everest Max or Core, either on the top left or top right of the plate. Many combinations are possible: Two DisplayPads, one DisplayPad, and one MacroPad, any MOUNTAIN Keypad plus Media Dock, or even the accompanying Everest 60. It is up to you to pick your ultimate gaming and content creation setup. Proper ergonomics are vital to minimizing strain and exhaustion when you work long game hours. According to the manufacturer, MOUNTAIN Keypads are designed to be placed wherever and are angled to be easy on your eyes and wrists.




You get a user-friendly and efficient flow of function organization with drag n’ drop control. Arranging your personalized configuration should be fast and easy. Drag n’ drop control enables you to readjust your personalized icon order to quickly get your streaming, design, or gaming back in motion. You can ramp up your productivity and up your streaming game with Base Camp™'s integration of your favorite software and services. You can create custom key bindings, shortcuts, hotkeys, macros, change audio levels, transition scenes, and more. From the supported applications, you can find: 

  • Broadcasting application -OBS Studio, Twitch
  • Creative software -Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and DaVinci Resolve 




In the Base Camp™, you can freely customize high-resolution 104x104px displays with crisp, tactile, and visual feedback and keep control of your system with PC information, RGB lighting, key binding, and many more.
The Display Pad offers:

  • 12 Display Keys -> Freely customizable, bright, colorful, and happy to execute any function of your choosing
  • Key Bindings & Macros -> Assign custom key bindings and easily create complex macros. Includes OBS integration 

The Macro Pad offers:

  • 12 Macro Keys -> Lubed and hot-swappable MOUNTAIN Switches, Cherry-MX-style 3-pin or 5-pin switch
  • MOUNTAIN Switches -> MOUNTAIN switches come pre-lubed and offer smooth actuation and reliable precision 

Both of the products share the following features:

  • Base Camp™Software -> which balances the ease of use and flexibility, enabling you to set up precisely the way you want;
  • Flexible Mounting Options -> you can slot it onto Everest's plate or use it as a standalone with the included stand;
  • Custom Stand with Rubber Base -> it goes perfectly with Everest, or you can use the hefty and sturdy base;
  • Removable USB Type-C Cable -> proprietary cut-outs enable you to pick what fits your cables setup 

Ok, so what’s the price for such things? It’s:

  • DisplayPad: USD $109.99 / CAD $149.99 / €109.99 / £99.99
  • MacroPad: USD $59.99 / CAD $79.99 / €59.99 / £49.99

Mountain indicates that the Elgato Stream Deck is for 149 USD, and the Loupedeck (or Razer) is for 269 USD, which is the same price as Everest Core and Display Pad. Will it be worth it? Let’s check it out, then.

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