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Matrox TripleHead2Go Surround gaming review

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When I initially took a first peek at today's tested product I asked myself a question ... "What is it with us guys and technology huh ?" We have this really weird urge for the best technology and it consistently needs to be faster, better and the keyword "more" always comes to mind as it's never enough.

Today's product definitely fit's in-to that question. The cool X-Factor applies here big-time. Face it loads your guru's out there have two monitors in dual-view. And honestly .. don't you guys all hate the fact that despite you have connected multiple monitors on your system you can't use them all at once during gaming ? Now gaming with two monitors is not exactly ideal. But three ... hmm ?

It's a question that has been among the gamers for a long time now .. we have all these uber powered high-end rigs yet consistently run into graphics cards bottlenecks and what not. Face it .. most systems have way more power then they need, especially in the enthusiast community. Now wouldn't it be fun to utilize that power even better during gaming by using not two .. but even three monitors at once with broad support at a Windows XP platform ? Impossible ? Think again. Matrox is now offering a solution for you. It's so simple .. yet so clever and gosh .. so much fun. Matrox has released the Matrox Triplehead2Go. That's right Matrox .. you all still remember them right ? After their Parhelia graphics cards (where this product idea originates from) they slowly moved out of the gamers market and went for the professional market. Think multiple screens connectivity over laptops, CAD workstations, or even multi-monitor medical imaging solutions. But with the right approach Matrox figured .. this can be a really good gaming opportunity also .. and it sure is.

So today we are going to chat briefly about the smallest little box that is called the Triplehead2go. The product is based off technology that was first unveiled by Matrox in their DualHead2Go module which we saw introduced on-to the market last year. Matrox refers to these products as Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXMs).

The Triplehead2go basically is a small breakout box that takes the analog signal from your graphics cards towards the little box, which on it's end redistributes three analog monitor signals towards your three screens.

The cool factor is intense .. I just played Age of Empires III for example in a resolution of 3840x1024 and simply refuse to go back in resolution now. Let's startup this review my friends, next page please.

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