Mad Dog Entertainer 7.1 Sound Card



Mad Dog Multimedia is a very new company that started operation in 2002, targeting the value segment for computer peripherals. They produce a variety of products, from nVidia based video cards, optical drives and sound cards, to their new 'Tech Toyz' line, all with high quality at low, low prices. Today we take a look at their top of the line sound card, the Entertainer 7.1, based on VIA's hot little Envy24HT-S.

I tell you all that VIA is on the warpath with the Envy24. Its various flavors power high-end sound cards from manufacturers like TerraTec and M-Audio, all the way to integrating the Envy24PT onto motherboards from Chaintech and Albatron. In a new segment of the Envy24, consumers now have yet another choice in the form the Mad Dog Entertainer 7.1 sound card. Now, why in the world would you buy a sound card that had a chip you could get bundled for free with a swank new Athlon64 motherboard? We unleash the Entertainer 7.1 and pit it against several Envy24 based sound cards, the nVidia SoundStorm, as well as the card to beat: Creative's Audigy2 ZS.

Let's see if this dog has a bark or a bite, shall we?

The Mad Dog Entertainer 8 channel sound cardThe Mad Dog Multimedia Entertainer 7.1 Sound Card.

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