Lian Li SP750 (750W PSU) review

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Lian Li SP750  power supply

Today, we're putting the new Lian Li SP750 power supply through its paces on our test bench. The firm is well known for producing chassis, such as the 011 series (which includes models such as the Dynamic and Mini), as well as cooling systems, such as the Gallahad AIO. They also have a gaming desk called the DK05-F. Okay, but let's get back to the product that was evaluated. The Lian Li PSU (which marks the company's return to the power supply sector) was built on a platform from Helly Technology (a lesser-known OEM manufacturer), which made it appear to be a rather hazardous move. We'll have to wait and see how things turn out in the end. Let us go back to the time when the SP750 model was first introduced. This 750-watt model has an 80 PLUS® Gold accreditation, which implies that it is 92 percent efficient at 50 percent load while operating at 115 V and 90 percent efficient when operating at 230 V, as the name suggests. This is vital because it ensures that the energy consumed does not go to waste (at least not in a large amount), which has an impact on your utility bill. The Lian Li SP750 is an SFX power supply with a semi-passive mode that is ideal for SFX applications (until 300 W of load, the fan is not spinning at all). It's a fully modular power supply with a braided cable design that's ideal for gaming. Even the motherboard connectors are not permanently attached to the housing, yet you will still need to use the majority of them in order to operate the computer. Almost all cases now feature a power supply shroud (at least those that are ATX-sized), thus the unit and cables will be hidden in the vast majority of them.


Lian Li is not the first option you choose when it comes to RGB, and this is no exception (which is good because RGB in the power supply is not required, in my opinion). There are no color options, and the only color offered is black, which is standard for this type of product. Because the housing is composed of brushed aluminum, it has a pleasing appearance. There are no additional wattage options available; the 750-Watt model is the only one that is currently on the market. Nonetheless, this should be plenty for the majority of users (as long as they do not employ an i9 11900K in conjunction with an RTX 3080). Consequently, we may conclude that there is nothing more to be wanted in terms of wattage selection. The fan is 92 mm in diameter and has a double ball bearing, which is excellent news. The SP750 is constructed with high-quality electrolytic Japanese primary capacitors, which enhance the dependability and endurance of the device overall.


The main unit is extremely small in size (well, as the other SFX). It has a power of 750 watts and measures 100 mm x 63,5 mm x 125 mm in size. Lian Li's SP750 is backed by a 5-year warranty. This is satisfactory for this segment, thus there are no serious issues. As for the price, it is 139.99, which appears to be a very decent amount. Let's have a look at this power supply from Lian Li, shall we?

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